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A welcome from founder József Szűcs.

Since 1986, my machine shop's main focus has been cutting-edge CNC metalworking.

Throughout my career, my goal has been to produce high-quality results and to fulfill the requirements of the market.


Skilled workers


CNC machines


Yearly manufactured parts


Years of experience

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.



Decades of experience


Cutting-edge machinery

High quality

Supervised manufacturing

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2018 New machines

This year we were able to buy these machines:

2017 Building expansion, new machines

We increased our production area with 220 m2.

We acquired these new machines this year:

2016 Building expansion, new machines.

We built an expansion of 250 m2.

Machines that we bought this year:

2015 Machine acquisition

We bought these machines this year:

2014 New machines

We acquired these machines:

2013 Huge building expansion and new machines

We were able to increase the production area with an additional 1000 m2.

We also bought these machines his year:

2012 Buying new machines

We have acquired a lot of new machines this year:

2011 Acquiring machines

We bought these new machines:

2010 Acquiring machines

This year we were able to acquire these new machines:

2009 Building expansion

We opened our new 860 m2 building, and bought a WASP ISO/BT/SK tool measuring machine.

2008 Acquiring new machines

This year we were able to acquire these new machines:

2000-2008 Machine acquisition

We acquired 30 pieces of CNC lathes and CNC milling machines in this time period.

2003 Building expansion

We increased our production area with 300 m2.

2000 Building expansion

We built an additional 300 m2 expansion to our building.

1991-2000 Backbone of machines

These formed the backbone of our machines in this period:

1996 Building expansion

We built the first, 340 m2 expansion to our building.

1991 The foundation of the company

We bought the site and built the first 200 m2 factory building.

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