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CNC Turning

From ∅2mm to ∅65mm on 250mm length on 6-12 axis bar automatic CNC turning-milling machines series manufacturing of simple parts to complex and precise parts (20 machines)

From ∅2mm to ∅500mm on 3150mm lenght small series turning on modern, new machines (21 machines)

From ∅150mm to ∅900mm on 850mm lenght, heavy weight precise turning with vertical lathe (1 machine)


CNC Milling

6 pieces of horizontal machining centers with automatic pallet changers with a maximum working range from X500mm Y500mm Z500mm to X800mm Y800mm Z800mm.

2 pieces of machining centers with fourth and fifth axis, which can machine up to ø350mm parts.

8 pieces of vertical machining centers with fourth axis and a maximum range of X1600mm Y800mm Z700 mm


Wire EDM

In range of 600mm x 400mm x 400mm we can work with incredible precision with a new Fanuc Robocut α C600iA, which features 4th axis rotator and PCD generator for diamond tool sharpening.


Laser Marking, Engraving

50 Watts fiber laser marking, engraving on a 1000mm x 1000mm work table with a 300mm x 300mm marking range.


CNC Grinding

With our new Studer Favorit 1000 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine we undertake the grinding of ∅200mm and 1000mm long parts.


Cylindrical, Surface and Center Grinding

Surface grinding in 400mm x 1000mm range, center grinding with 4 machines with a maximum of ø60mm.


3D printing

Using our Markforged Mark Two type 3D printer, we can print 320mm x 132mm x 154mm parts from a Nylon based material. This can be reinforced with composite fiber, which greatly increases the strength, stiffness and durability of printed parts.



We undertake the assembly of machines and subassemblies based on your needs. We can also arrange for the manufacturing of sheet metal components as well as galvanizing and painting of parts.



Our skilled welders can work on up to 50 kg components with modern REHM AWI and AFI welding machines.



We offer manual sanding and polishing of components using Fein technology.


Thread Rolling

We can put to work our UPV25 high performance thread roller machine as required.